Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 2 in Russia...

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for your warm comments and wishes.
You have no idea how reassuring it is from here.

Today..I felt grumpy! It must be close to that time of month cause I am so sensitive and irritable. We walked out of the apartment all bundled up, but took one look around and PANICKED!! Our driver got our key for us last night and we were not paying enough attention I guess..cause we could not figure out how to get to the office to register our visas! Anyway, luckily Peace Travel the company we used to book our apartment with sent someone over..she was very nice and helped us a lot!
I also needed to ask her how to use the washing machine (I already washed Fred's shirt twice, but could not for the life of me figure how to drain the water). Then, we set out again with a map on a mission to eat (it was then like 2pm) so it was lunch more than breakfast...we of course opted for Macdonalds...we suck! It was not difficult ordering there, and the food was fine (maybe even better, but I was hungry).

Mission 2: Red Square...boy did it suck tryuing to get there! It was cold..already getting dark..and no one knew where it was! I tried and tried in my best Russian tpo ask people..they were so pushy, they were so short and frankly we felt so annoying to them! Fred would try and cheer me up by taking pictures..but I felt so frustrated and almost embarressed to try and be happy in such a city. I made Fred feel crappy..which made me feel was hard;(

We continued walking..I knew we couldn't be far (our apt is on New Arbat st) but I had been eating crap guys. I had tried to be so prepared..but forgot my Russian adoption book, forgot my Agencu's first trip papers...forgot the maps and places previous adopters had sent to me...damnit..I feel so ridiculous! So we kept walking...further & further...knowing we would probably not be able to find our apartment, but hoped to GOD we would..well, we did make to Red Square. In a funny way really-a young man (I figured I would ask someone younger this time) he looked up and smiled (no one else does usually) he then said "I speak a little english, I will help you". We were so relieved. He directed us to the underground tunnel..but said we were gooing the wrong way this whole time. Fred and I were so confused (we must have asked 8 people..they all said the Gum was the way we were heading). Then out of no where an older lady cuts in front of us, but the young man stopped her and asked in Russian where the 'Krasna Ployshite is' and she laughed and pointed to the direction we were headed??? He then laughed and said he was confused and that we were going the right way..we all laughed and thanked hm a hundred times. Then Fred and I continued, like the lady said...AND FINALLY SAW THE KTEMLIN WALLS! I was so happy! It was much colder and darker by then..but we made after 4 hours (everyone said it'd be 10 minute walk)! When we entered the big gates to see the sight of the lights, trees, the St. Basil's Cathedral, was quite a sight..and to see it for ourselves was sometjing else in itself. I really could not think about pictures at that moment..I just had to take everything in, because the day had been so exhausting both physically and mentally..and then emotionally.
Freddy, of course had this smile on his face with his 'Rusky hat' that made me giggle when I would look at him (hard to take him seriously). He pulled out the camera and started snapping away..stopped people in the street to take pics of us..they were a lot more understanding and did so without hesitation. I am happy with the pics..but we should return and take more in the day (if its possible). Also, we did not see the famous church, nor get to go inside of Basil's or GUM and would like this as well.

Anyway, we then walked all the way back (by the way we did not think about the metro because of being too intimidated by the people;) so don't ask please!
Its not all bad though..the cold in itself makes me smile, it reminds me of Canada and playing in the snow with my sis;) We found our apartment with ease, it did not feel as far, we were able to buy things in the little market, but had to go to several for raisers and fruit and chocolate milk THAT FRED INSISTEDF ON LIKE A CHILD! With a little russian it helped to communicate..the rubles is still confusing though. We bought waters (cause you feel very dehydrated here), and we pointed at things we thought we'd like, like breads, pastries and milk. Oh, and Chandra..we pulled a salt in Fred's coffee thing too..I could have sworn it was sugar?

Once we were back in the apartment we were so relieved and it was oh so warm! I made us some coffee and dinner (if you can call bread & pepperoni that)..then got a phone call from a member of the agency's team. I was relieved to hear her voice (because again, it reminded me of why we are here) she was so nice..and she was giggling when I told her about our day..she said it was a familiar it made me feel better and not abnormal. She said we would get picked up at 9:45 AM (our time) to go and meet and be somewhat interviewed (she gave us an idea of what questions) why we wanted to adopt, who would be at home with baby, and Fred's job etc. Then..I felt compelled to ask about some kind of info on our baby girl; (I had to be aggressive all day, so I figured why not ask for some light?) Our team's member said, that- she knew our baby very well:)) WOW! REALLY? She said "yes, yes!" she is from (I don't know if I am allowed to post which baby home but now we know), then she said that she was chubby & healthy, and very CUTE! OUUHHHH! She then said that she was the noisiest in her baby group (sounds like my kid), and that she was naughty even;) Yep, mine! She also said that she was somewhat Eurasian (hmm whatever that means..who cares, I'm THRILLED! She also said that she was attached and alert and will cry! I probably will not sleep tonight. I go over and over what was said about her..and so want to hear more;) Even if she is gonna cry..I want to hear her, see her, and hold her;) are some pics to enlighten you...I miss my family very much..and just want to kiss my boys so bad!


Pollock Family said...

Ohh.. how exciting, I am hunging on every word you write... and I had also same issue with washer..when, when, when, do you go to meet this cutie... ohh I can not wait.. so exciting... good luck and please please e-mail me photo if you can... is she from Number 10???

Jeanette said...

Great pics! I felt kind of the same way while there. I guess I'm just a homebody :) Sounds like you will be meeting a very special little girl! Good luck! I must have checked your blog 10 times already today :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like jet lag! Doesn't help to fight it as it steals part of your brain! My husband does much better with it - which of course irritates me. ha.

Have also been checking your site constantly - so so glad that you made it through the travel maze on the east coast and managed first class!

Am sending positive thoughts your way - hope tomorrow if all good.


Shelly and Steve said...

Beautiful pictures! We won't get to see Moscow so I love looking at everyone else's pics.

Aaaah, you meet your little one so soon now! I wish you all the best and hope its a completely magical experience.


Anonymous said...

Know that you're getting up soon for the big day... all the best.


findingourdaughter said...

It looks beautiful there! I can't wait to be there and go meet our baby girl!
So, it is Tuesday already.....dying to hear how your one moment in time meeting your daughter went!!!????