Friday, December 11, 2009

Seriously trying to learn Russian


Thank You- Spasiba


Good bye-Dasvedanya


Kak dela-How are you?

Minya zevut-My name is..

I'm walking around using the Pimsleur program via cd player & head phones...not hard; just not easy!

I am also looking at what to pack...since it is going to be SOOOO COOLD!

Any tips?

I don't really like packing for this kind of cold..not real easy to be fashionable..and I really don't want to spend the money either..

Anyway, bla bla, time is a ticking..and I am procastinating (as usual), I will start doing some laundry, so our stuff will smell fresh and yummy.

Noah is still sick, and I was rocking him today in our lazy boy, I couldn't help but think..that, I just can't wait till I am also holding my daughter;)


amy and kevin said...

We land in Moscow on the 19th...spend the night at the airport hotel and don't fly out until 8 or 9pm on the 20th. Maybe we will see you? That would be so fun!

Amy said...

Don't mess with Pim -- look into a CD called "Adopting from Russia" - by Therese Kelleher...

Bendlin Family said...

We were in Russia almost one year ago today and it was COLD. be sure to take scarves and stocking caps...and some long underwear probably wouldn't hurt.