Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Started Packing;)...Ughhh, kinda???

Took Noah to the doctor..he has an ear infection;(

He has a fever of 104..so doctor wants to keep an eye on him..hope he gets better!

Our pediatrician is Russian, and is quite excited about our newest addition to the family. Him and I went over some plans and strategies on what to look for and what to send to him via email...where he will take a look and tell us what he thinks or what we are to expect..I'm confident that he is the best for the job!

I later went to the pharmacy to pick up Noah's scripts. I also felt like it was a good idea, to pick up some other things from our 'packing list'..so I picked up the tums, and chapstick, tylenol etc. that is when I saw the cutest little bibs in pink & purple..I smiled;) I bought them also, and then felt the urge to go home and dust off the suit case. Up top are some pics of Hopee's clothes;) all getting ready to go into the suitcase..eventually!

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