Sunday, December 27, 2009

Missing HOPE!

Hey guys,

Thought I'd stop in and share a few things..guess it's important to elaborate on our feelings, now that Christmas is over and we are settled in. Well, I think we recovered from the jet lag & time zone thing pretty quickly; but our missing Hopee, hmmmm.. that's a different story. I think it hurts more now than ever! We attended birthday parties yesterday, and I feel apart of us is missing. We always look at our pics and video footage of Hopee, and we cry all over again, or we smile and hug and just know that it will be soon, that, we will return for our girl. Friends and family are very excited and anxious for Hope to finally come home. I am pushing myself to start getting occupied with her 'Life Book'..but instead, I kinda mope and slump down and just stare at the pics some more. I have no idea what is waiting for us second trip around...or wether it will be one more trip or two, its a tough call! Our family says, to go and wait out the ten days...but then we remember the tough, pushy, 3 days and kinda cringe and smile and say...we dunno bout that;)

Hey, you know what other story I forgot to mention to you guys about our mortification in Paris?

The night we visited the Eiffel tower, we had to take the train back (and were very very tired). Once we got to the Hotel (finally) we packed our bags and set our alarm for 5am to be sure we were going to get on the early flights to the U.S. Well anyway then we tried to get some sleep. When the phone rang (we thought it was the alarm) we jumped up and got dressed and hurried to the lobby to check out and wait for the shuttle. The gentleman at the desk seemed so puzzled (I was tired and annoyed by his expression)..especially without my coffee! He proceeded to ask us where we were going and which flight we were trying to catch...we said the 6AM of course!DUHH!
He immediately started to hysterically laugh, and told us to look at the clock on the wall-it was only 1AM!!!!

Freddy and I looked on our phone and looked back at the clock..then we painfully laughed too! Gee how nice...'Stupid Americans!'

We went back to the room checked the phone again (our eldest son was trying to call us) and so, we requested a 'wake up' call instead, this time and slept with our clothes on...GRRRR!



Pollock Family said...

ohh I know for the fact that Moscow city has speedey court dates, we waited only 4 weeks for Nadias.Hope is only few weeks away, \but you can comfort your self by knowing that she is in her only known enviroment and waiting in safe place for mommy and daddy.
I would higly recomend spending 10 day waiting period in Moscow and visit with Hope every day.. it will be the only time ever she has her mommy and daddy just for her self.. and you will feel better about attaching and bonding .During this waiting period yOu do not need to start her life book, just print this most wonderful blog you are writing about her... it is alsmost day by day story of how you got to find is awsome, I stop by every day
I will print Nadia's blog one day too for her. happy new year my dear friend..

necgmc said...

I too second the STAY and visit her everyday! Show her that she is the most special baby in the world in the childrens home, it will help immensely in the bonding process. My little guys are much older (4 & 10) but it was soooooo helpful to be there for the 10 days. We got to see them more in their native habitat, and realize what behaviors were theirs and can differentiate now that we are home! Praying that the court date is set very quickly and Hopee is home with you soon!