Sunday, December 6, 2009


Last night my husband and I attended the company Christmas party, where they end the night with raffles. Well, it just so happend that we won 2 complimentary roundtrip airline tickets; which will leave direct, from Miami-Rome on AlItalia!!!!

Can you believe this?

GOD IS SO GOOD;) We had no reservations yet for flights because my husband works for the airlines we were going to wing it...but I secretly did not like this so much because it is so close to will not be good, especially will be a zoo. I really prefer flying direct to Europe. Aeroflot is who we will fly from Rome to get to Moscow....yeahhh we have a plan. Reservations will be made tomorrow!

Thank You so much Jesus for paving our way!


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Chris and Celeste said...

Awesome to see how God works! Amazing news.