Saturday, April 6, 2013


Saturaday-evening, we got back from Haiti. I have not really blogged about Haiti just yet-as we are still adjusting to being home. The pictures are still in the camera...and a picture can say a thousand words but we have a thousand more thoughts in our heads about the wonders of Haiti. I will post here, what I wrote for our church's blog. I think that will be easier as far as this blog goes. on our other blog I will post further thre about details of some brothers and sisters we met and their experiences-I owe that to them and all of their hard work. Sunday-Morning, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! I taught my 3, 4 & 5 years olds, despite being oh so tired! People from church all wanted to know about our trip to Haiti. So Freddy, was very busy in a group explaining his Haiti exprience-he was such a champ with his mechanical abilities. Monday-I tried to get on track with homeschool-the kids were not thrilled...but we're finishing up cycle one of Classical Conversations and I cannot wait to go back review. Tuesday-is our P.E. park day where they get to do activites and sports with other homeschoolers-they usually look forward to that. But Daddy had other plans; he called me up and told me we were going to a park, only with him instead. You don't even want to know why he wanted to take us to the park with him! He wanted us to film him try out 'JETLEV' I can go into details about it but I'll just post a link so you can see for yourselves-its all the rage around here in South Florida.!/page_performance I just read a book instead while the kids filmed daddy-he's not too thrilled with how that turned out. I am reading a very powerful book right now that my friend bought me for my birthday I recommend it to any parent 'The Power of a Praying Parent' by Stormie Omartian. She has written many books 'Power of a praying husband/wife/woman/parent to adult children etc. Its AMAZING-READ IT! I feel so blessed to be reading it and its so wonderful to experience parenthood-but more so with the Lord. Ok when we returned home on Tuesday we were kind of bickering at eachother back and forth because we were hungry, the kids didn't want to leave the park and Freddy said Mackenzie filmed more of the sky then him jetleving...hehe then the phone rang! Freddy picked it up and he said I needed to come over to the phone...I naturally felt alarmed because all I have been hearing lately, is bad news. So I ran over and he had speaker phone on and then he went to get his camera...I still didn't hear anything..but then I heard it her name in Chinese-our Faith. I still was guarded (strangely) and I just took in the indformation, her 'special need' something I had checked 'maybe' on...Freddy was emotional and I told him "Now Freddy we have to pray because we said maybe on this special need'. We prayed ahead of time took a breath, and ran to the computer to open her file-and we saw her picture and instantly started BAWLING! She is a picture of Hopee at that age-she's 2 years old. When we met Hope we had nothing to compare her to and it was hard to make a connection at first. But when we looked at Faith, it was sureal-she is undoubtedly-our daughter, our 'mei mei'....our file is not even registered with China yet. This is crazy! Our friends are so excited for us they came over to peak and we are now praying for them to hear word of their girl. We sent a picture to my mother in law;) She was surprised...but she is happy for us. Its not the same when you are on baby #5...people start looking at you funny-hehe. We're ok with that though-its supposed to be weird. Uhm, what else can I say? I sent her file to our pediatrician and some other specialists. We have not heard back from our pediatrician yet, but the peds. neurosurgeon, said we will keep an eye on her and deal with things as she grows. We are praying for her little body to remain strong as she seems so resilient. She's a little younger then I had expected...but I think its better for Faith to get care now and the love she deserves now. We will have to rush things now, and we have to change our adoption petition to a 'letter of intent' specifying for Faith as our daughter-Praise God! Three times I saw this scripture in Haiti: Proverbs 3:5 New International Version (NIV) 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding My husband these past few days has been a better example with this scripture than I have. I am sure the Lord showed me that scripture because He knows how I am. I need to ocntrol everything, I need to understand the ins and outs and worse case scenarios....but I need to just see and listen. The doctor's can say so much...but God knows. Adoption has declined in China and everywhere else internationally...I pray that if it is in your heart to squeeze in one more-please do. We have it so good compared to others. I know it isn't perfect...but what is true perfection and/or prosperity? We just are so blessed in this country we don't get it. The rest are starving...dying...being persecuted for being a woman or a child. Please don't close your eyes...humanity is calling out for a Savior. God might send you.

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