Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Nerves...

Today we ended up sending the dossier to Tallahassee for certification sans-homestudy. Then we sent off our marriage certificate for authentication, to San Francisco. I really hope I didn't mess something up! I get so nervous when it comes to this point, especially with the China authentication step. Next step, we have the homestudy appointment this week and I do not know how long it will take to have the paper work in my hands, from there. When I do get it, I will have to send it to Tallahassee and begin the immigration process. lately the children have been driving me bonkers. I probably, have been driving their patience also with all of us. I cannot wait for Legoland myself! Latest with the kiddos: Frederick is really growing up since he's turned 11 he's become super handsome and kinda moody too...they call it the 'tweens'. I had to pay mackenzie $20 to allow my to cut his hair. He has a beautiful head of hair on him, but his ears don't get cleaned well when the hair is constantly, dangling in them. He looks darling, but he doesn't think so...He too is losing his baby face. Noah's reading, is really improving since we've been homeschooling. He is alot more confident now that mommy has more time for him. Hopee, is starting this new screaming thing that's got me squinting at times. She is still her stubborn self and refuses to sit in her car seat-she insists its for 'mei mei' and that she is not a baby anymore. I do appreciate her maturity, but at times she's growing up too fast its scary. Oh ya...I am painting around the house to fix some of Hope's art work and preparing a spot for Faith in Hope's room or maybe in my room-I'm not sure which yet...and I am painting some old frames and rearranging stuff-NESTING SEASON HAS STARTED.....my husband is so groaning;)

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