Monday, April 8, 2013

More Praying Please..

When we stare at her picture we are sure she is ours-we're already calling her Faith and agree she suits her name. Then we heard from our pediatrican yesterday; Yes just yesterday, after church. He was very kind, patient and thorough with us about our daughter's medical report. But he said her file seemed 'too risky' to him. He thought she might have some developmental delays-this for some reason scared me the most. She has been diagnosed with Meningocele and has never been operated on. There is a good chance she may or may not need surgery in the future. I never thought much about her development, being in an orphanage you can't assume she's going to be writing speeches. But still, he made me cautious-maybe too cautious. My husband has been so firm and solid about this little girl being ours-it's astonishing. CCAI has been so supportive and patient with us, and so we are reviewing some more before we move ahead and modify our adoption petition-to a letter of intent (LOI) specifying this little girl as our daughter. You would think after Russia-this would be smooth sailing and I would be as brave as a horse. I feel more like a donkey! I feel lost, and confused..and I have more information in front of me then I had for Hope in Russia (where I had actually travelled for the info). China does a better job with the details and photos, I have her daily schedule and the name of her nannie. I just pray for peace of mind. I hope to soon be past this stage and share photos of the little girl, who has shaken things up around here in the last few days like thunderstorms-not to mention I've caught a cold!

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Jeanette said...

I'm not sure what that diagnosis means, but I remember that Hope had an issue that worried you in the beginning (If I remember correctly). And look at her now!!!!! There will surely be developmental delays in a 2 year old, but make sure the pediatrician is clear on what kind he thinks. Only then can you make a decision based on what you can handle. No one will judge you... you have your hands full already :) Praying for you! Loved following along on another adoption journey!!!