Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Monday again...

Things left to do: I need to notarize papers for our dossier-if Fred could only get home in time.. I need to have Fred send the papers to Tallahassee for certification-not apostilles via USPS. I need to send off our marriage certificate that is already certified, to San Francisco's China consulate for authentication (ughh we just had to get married in Las Vegas). I need to get the homestudy completed, so that I can send it to USCIS and get fingerprint clearance. Then when our certified papers come back from Tallahassee, I send the to the Houston Chinese consulate for authentication. I'm biting my nails in suspense....all of China's papers must be withing 6 months. Well, on the positive side-we were given 6 free tickets to LEGOLAND! Yippeeee...Thank you SISSY! My poor kids deserve it though. Homeschooling families get a major discount on 'homeschooling days' look into it if you homeschool! Uhmm what else? Well the last few nights I have been stressing and dreaming up medical diagnosis and waking up stressed with headaches. I have really began praying in a different way, and I think it has been God's intentions. God has given me much peace since about Faith-its miraculous because I was a mess. Life is truly a mystery, and if you're up for it, God will stretch ya! This stretching has been good for me, since I can be a control freak-it is good to trust Him. Amen

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