Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homestudy session 1

Today we are meeting with our social worker at 6:30pm in her office-yeah! Have never done so with a photo of a baby girl in our hands already;) Well of course we arrived late! But Adrienne our new social worker was so kind and great about it-phew. I really like her perosnality, I think for this adoption she is perfect for us.She brought up a lot of great points and asked us about Faith's diagnosis and our resources thus far. Don't think my mind was not going a mile a minute! We meet up with her one more time, on the 19 and that is going to be like a four hour affair. But she said to get it over with, since we need this paperwork done already. You'd think that I would have notarized and sent things already but I haven't! I've been so exhausted-emotionally over all of this! I want to thank you guys for your support and for reminding me that I have always been a worry-wart;)Cannot wait till you get to see pics of her. We have to wait until we are locked in as her family.

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