Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The ROOM;)

We have decided..well I have tried to ignore it even; but it seems as though, we will begin painting and preparing Hope's room finally!
I initially wanted to do this sooner, but somehow fell off track with all the misfortunes that had happend this summer...I just feel that it is now finally time..Chandra I think of you for some reason. I pray that we will create a beautiful room and soon have a referral on our little girl. Also, last night after snooping on the Russian data base...there was a little one that caught me off guard...because her name was 'HOPE' ;) My heart fluttered! So I was between a horse themed room or a ballerina room or a fairies & butterflies room. After asking my motherinlaw, fairies/butterflies win. I look forward to this, it also just feels right for some reason. So let's pray for Fred's passport to get here, for the I 171H, and quick apostilles...and off to Russia we go;)

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Chandra said...

How exciting! I love the fairies/butterflies theme and can't wait to see the room. Don't worry, you'll have a little girl to fill it soon! In the meantime, enjoy decorating and imagining your daughter playing in there one day.