Thursday, September 17, 2009


Even though it is not really mandatory to have the FBI prints for the first trip, I still want to receive it and get them Apostilled and not worry anymore about papers for a while..its been quite 'the never ending story'.

Also, I spoke to our Agency, and they said that most likely we will not be travelling in September, and more likely in October. Another couple is ahead of us, and so we anxiously wait along with them, to see when they get 'the call' so that we can soon expect 'our call'. Both of us (the other couple and us), are asking for a female up to the age of 24 months, of any ethnicity...maybe we'll travel together hmmm...maybe not. I also inquired about the different baby homes that our Agency's children come home from, and they explained how most of the homes in Moscow are better funded and the children are generally 'healthy' (instituitional healthy I guess) and are on target for their age. I continue to look at the data base to see if my girl is there..and so many of these precious little babies can be 'our girl' I just wait to find out which. I started to think up silly things to worry about; like, what if we have to leave around Halloween (our boys will be disappointed), not that God really cares about this holiday...but I was getting all frantic over what about this or that..but God knows what perfect time is..his time!

Again, I really want to show off the room but haven't looked for my camera yet, because I want it to be finished, and it isn't yet, because I started a crafty idea for the lamp but am taking my sweet time finishing it and getting it together (I am having a hard time configuring how I am going to get it together and stay together..hehe)?

Though I do have quite a room to brag about so you just sit tight tarts...cause our lil Hopee has quite a girly space..our sons love it;) I would love to buy some girly clothes, but that is where we draw the line and we will have to wait just a while longer for Hope. Pray we get her at a perfect time for our family;)

Thanx a bunch for reading and for your darling gals are great!

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Jeanette said...

We are the family ahead of you and I'm going crazy waiting! We started this process 2 1/2 years ago!!!! I'm going to be too old if it doesn't happen soon :) Good luck!