Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pics of Hope's Room

Lilac Daisy Bedding that we plan on buying for the crib & twin matches perfectly with the daisy fairy border; and also, the inspiration for my daisy lamp;)
Notice my little Russian doll all bundled up for the cold? Freddy actually bought me that (weird surprise, guess he's exploring his feminant side), he said it reminded him of me;) AWWWWWWW! The room is very pink its Fuscia & baby pink, along with a Disney Fairies border (not so much Tinkerbell). I really like the fairies & butterflies it makes it quite magical and I get to introduce purple (I love color) with the linens and window curtains, but I haven't bought that stuff just yet. We have a beautiful crib that my girlfirend is giving me...but it too is not set up yet. My hubby managed to fit an airplane in the decor which I actually admire a lot;) Though, that hideous t.v. is not staying there, (he claims he is merely trouble shooting)...sure! I made the daisy lamp, it looks a little homemade, but its very girly and alot nicer than what was there...guess she'll have to live with it for a hubby says this room is just 'wayyyyyyy toooo girly', and I'll admitt maybe I went overboard, but I waited a loooooooong time to have a its gonna be girly and pink!!

As you can see the ceiling is also PINK! I loved that idea and was very inspired with the different shades of pink..which is quite modern & fun;) My boys won't have a problem playing here (they do everyday); cause its a very cheerful, fun, vibrant room, which makes you feel good. Its the only room that has these big doors that are windows to the backyard, overlooking the pool and Canal..and yes Daddy's boat!

The mini plug in Chandelier is a classic must have..and yes I had to have it..hehe.

The furniture is absolutley beautiful and reminds me of something from a dollhouse. It is very detailed and all carved from wood and hand painted, it was bought used from a lady who took extreme good care of it, and cherished it so...and I am glad to receive this because its perfect!


Chandra said...

I love the flower light!!! That is so creative and cool. The room looks beautiful, I'm sure Hope will love playing in there.

Jeanette said...

Hope's room looks beautiful! She'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Perfect!!! I LOVE the bedding and ADORE the airplane!!! I just don't believe you can have too much pink and purple. WAY TO GO!!!