Thursday, September 10, 2009

I 171H BLUES...

I feel like posting folks cause I am so miserable these days!

My sister is miserable and pregnant and I feel right there with her..maybe were both having girls? HA! Well I know I am, let's pray she is too;) How cool would it be for her to have a girl right along with me...again!

I dunno...I am busy,and we're almost done with the room (sorry for being lazy and not posting pictures). I have been cleaning and organizing as if I was nesting, which is a positive sign. Couples are flying off to Russia to bring home their babies with my agency...another good sign;) In fact, they just recently spoke with the DOE and they want to schedule more invitations to Russia, once they are better aware of which children are available....we could be on the list..who knows?

All very exciting right? Well it could be, if I felt assured that we had our I 171H! WE DON'T YET! I finally decided to email USCIS Orphan Unit and inquire (since I have spoken to the same officer twice). From there...we'll see I guess, I just get alittle frustrated over this cause once we get it, we still have to have it apostilled and sent to my agency to send off to Russia...GROOAAAAN;O(

I am so happy my kids are in school part of the day, so they don't observe my nutty emotions. I am still mourning my uncle's's been really hard getting over it, and I know I must put my trust in the Lord. Sometimes were just selfish; wanting to hold on, when we should be rejoicing that my uncle is no longer hurting here in the world.

I read a very interesting scripture in the book of Luke (22:31), I am not going to quote it because of the complexity of it and the lack of brain cells I have at this moment (too difficult of a task), but basically, it talks about how often we get attacked by evil, and how the devil wants you to have doubts and negative feelings in which I am constantly fighting these days. I truly feel attacked. So what do I do? I compare it to labor pains...when a woman is going through the terrible contractions and she is trying to breathe inbetween...that is how I am feeling. The good news is that God did give woman that rest inbetween, and that is why we are taught in lamaze class to breath and take advantage of that time God has given us before the next big contraction. We should also do this with our lives....during our crisis', stop and breathe, go with the waves, but PRAY! Luke says the answer is prayer, and prayer alone frees us from the grips of satan's hand. God wants us walking out as winners, and that is how we turn out after the fight (when we don't give up). Like my uncle...a winner & a fighter.

The scripture also explains, that sometimes satan is there because God allows him to be there, to test our faith...and he would never test us with something we cannot handle..Job obviously was a very loyal and strong servant that God knew would stand the test of time.

Let's pray to God harder, during our times of hurt, for he wants to comfort us.

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Anonymous said...

I neede d that sister!!!! Lets breath !!! I too have thought that the attacks sometimes mean you are on the right path. Keep going your almost there!!!!!
Lynn Ortis
p.s our court got changed to Oct 8