Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sent Dossier off for Apostilles!!!!

Well guys, I finally got the courage to make up my mind, with God's assistance of course, we sent off our Dossier!

This morning I woke up strong & confident that God was going to guide me & feed me. No longer was I going to fumble & moan about what I should do, God just worked it right through me. I must have counted the papers & pics like ten times, my fingers shakingly moving through the papers, making sure all T's were crossed, and all was notarized.

I pray that it gets to its destination in one peice and that no corrections will need to be made. If everyone else can do can I!

The I 171H has not yet arrived, but I am no longer going to sweat it, because I am sure it will arrive when it is time. We probably will not travel till the fall, anyway, so let it take its sweet time getting here!

Also, to confirm this was a Blessed day; we got a phone call from a grant adoption ministry, updating our application and asking us how it is they can help! WOW..I was floating on air! Lord you did it pulled the carpet from under my feet. Thank you dear God, for everything my Heavenly Father. All is truly possible through you! Soon I too, will be glowing my all too familiar pregnancy glow (expecting our Russian princess). Wonder how it is going to differ from carrying boys?

I want to thank so many of the adoptive mothers from my agency who have helped me through this painful process..wink*.

God Bless guys!


findingourdaughter said...

Yeah, dossier is on its way! Just are THAT much closer to meeting your daughter!
So happy and excited for you!
God bless!!

Chandra said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on that HUGE step. So exciting!