Friday, May 15, 2009


Please show your support of Adoption!

Cost to bring home a child from a foreign Orphanage is a lot more than an average family can afford. Though the power of Love cannot be underestimated; and money should never be enough reason, for this child to remain in a hopeless institution. We live in a great country; where children here don’t usually go to bed unfed.
In Russian Orphanages, children are relinquished due to extreme poverty. Where they will grow up without much education and/or nutrition; and by sixteen (if they make it that old) they will be kicked out and led to a life of probable prostitution, exploitation, crime or suicide. Nothing is worse than growing up without the love of parents.

The need to do this on our behalf, is beyond words that can describe reasoning. All I know is that at one point I accepted that I had three boys, I was in love with the fact that I had three boys...then all of a sudden during our 2008 'Operation Christmas Mission..I got bitten by a bug. I wept so hard when I saw these children without parents and with so much poverty. I wept that my boys have so much and that there are children who have so little..not even love. I began thinking that there was something more that I could do. Something more than just buying some toys and cutting a check for charity.

I HAVE A DAUGHTER OUT THERE...she does not have to be out of my womb, to be my daughter! God's plan for our family has begun to take shape and was doing so rapidly...We just had to listen. Programs were closing all over the world or becoming delayed..Domestic Adoptions here in the U.S.A seemed very complexe, and not a winning situation for our family (a family that was already considerably large).

..A dear friend of mine shows up on my porch early one morning with a refridgerator magnet. It was small, blue and had a Lighthouse on it, along with a passage from the Bible.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart..and he shall direct your paths.

Ever since this day, we have known what to do and where to Adopt from. This would be from a country with children that truly needed us... RUSSIA!

She is our destiny, she is somewhere in Russia. We have chosen a wonderful Adoption Agency (Lighthouse Adoptions of course). God has led us to them and other couples, who have adopted through them. We will be adopting from Moscow; also prechosen by God, its the only place we will be able to reach Russia, 'stand by'. we have left our application pretty open; all ethnicities with or without minor correctible special needs. I was stressing over this at one time, but am no longer because its in God's hands. He knows our daughter already, he knows what she will bring to our family. He knew then, when I was crying after having Noah (my third son), that I was naiive and unaware that I'd be a mother once more, despite my husband's vasectomy. For he is truly in control.


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