Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Dream

Okay guys I had a dream; of a pink room, and a beautiful baby girl. She is one of the little girls on the photosite..and I don't know why I am in love with her. Maybe she looks alot like my husband, and that is why I am hooked. I am sure; going to Moscow blind, is the best thing for us, because look how silly it is to get attached to a picture..I am already setting myself up!

Anyway..its been very hard for me to decide on a shade of a pink paint for the room (guess I just don't have the experience). In this dream, the room was beautiful and a perfect shade of pink. I just remember in the dream, having a sling and taking this baby everywhere with me. Its going to be hard, I will not be able to ever leave her (I don't leave my boys with anyone but our mother(s)), so imagine what it will be like with our new little addition. Our friends & family are going to get irritated.

I think it is best if we take these next few months, and enjoy eachother. Take time for the boys, and do lots this summer. No matter what it is going to be an adjustment with a fourth child, let alone a baby girl! I have already told my friends, that we are not throwing some big party afterwards..that we are going to need time, and alot of it. For my husband that will not be an issue, he is so very occupied with his boat.

My boys want another dog, and I do too in the future..but I don't think it will be any time soon. Four kids and 2 dogs is going to be a zoo. We have already adopted our neighbors 2 cats, who stay outside! We rescued our english bulldog, and she has been great..but enough for a big family. English bulldogs are wonderful for small children! They are not very active, (so no jumping on the kids, or knocking them down), they are very very affectionate & cuddly, don't like to be walked too long or heat, so must stay indoors, and they are small enough to fit in a crate! SO with other dogs anytime soon. We were given two cockatiels for Easter and someone left the cage door open recently and they flew away! I didn't like cleaning after them, but I still feel bad, and naiively, I am still waiting for them to return?
I figure I have a better chance of receiving the birds back, rather than the I 171 Biometric fingerprint appointment!

Y'know, I stress about this, because I still have other paperwork to take care of. I still have to do the FBI prints and send away for it..but it feels hopeless without the I 171 (permission for Orphan petition).


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