Monday, August 2, 2010

1st post placement completed...

I've posted these here before...her room now is just a lot messier now with 2 kitchens and pots & pans everywhere..I'll have to get a pic of her in her chef's hat & apron;) Its not so fancy..its just a very pink, fun room that we had so much fun creating (my hubby & I) together.

We did our first post placement with our Social Worker 'June' went smooth, yet it kind of sneaked up on us and so now we are racing around trying to get other stuff together, like photos and probably a courrier service to make sure it gets to Russia on time.

These post placements are very important to Russia, and it is important that we are prompt, so that future PAP's can adopt from Russia. I just wish I wasn't running around right now!

Hopefully the next one (in another 6 months) is more relaxed. Hope was her happy self today and was showing off for June. June was impressed with Hope's communication and interaction with the boys.

She also loved Hope's room;)

So, some advice is...make sure you call up your agency to prepare ahead of time for the first post placment..or you'll be like me right now....a chicken with no head. This kicked us in the butt to go ahead and do Hope's passport too...(no I didn't do it yet). Its not easy to think of everything and to run around now with four kids.



Chris and Celeste said...

Has she really been home 6 months already? She is very cute, you sound very happy:) Can we see pics of her room?

Chris and Celeste said...

Her room is beautiful, fit for a princess.thanks for sharing.