Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Month Gone By...

We are soon saying good-bye to the month of August..our kids are all in school and will soon all be a year older before we know it;( Fred's B Day is even coming up! Time just goes by so so daughter still feels so unreal and such a dream to us-God is too good.

Unfortunately, when days go by..some pain does resurface of loss..loss of our dear beloved Arturo, my uncle Arturo. I see him in my Hope and it just hurts sometimes that he isn't here to see her...see my dream finally to life. Sometimes life is just like that I guess...sometimes I am just selfish I guess. He's in a better place, but we're still here, we will still face more suffering in this world. I know God is teaching me and shaping me for his future, a future I look forward to also. It's hard to not look back though isn't it? Before we take those giant steps, we want to look back a few times be certain that we are going the right way? Look back, to hold on some more to what once was...I was watching such a good movie with Freddy tonight, and after such a good church session on 1 Samual, young David's perseverence and strength and protection from GOD...I guess I just feel inspired tonight to say:

Persevere, persevere, fight, fight folks..its only one life, so it's worth's worth tripping & falling before you try again..because, you will get there eventually, if you see it. I still have these desires some days, to think about more children, adopting more, saving more...I dunno, I guess I will wait for GOD's queu, he'll let me know...Just keep your prayers open for your neighbors...its one tough life, and there is just so much need these days. Pray for those who have no job, who have lost someone, who are ill or just struggling with life these days. It is so much easier if we care. God built us to care.

We were all supposed to have a good life...remember that.

good night xox.

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