Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, as you know school is just around the corner for all of us.. with yet, another semester of algebra for me 'ding ding' round 2! I took a final exam and FAILED IT! GROSS! What is wrong with me?...Just when I thought I was making peace with the subject and actually getting descent at it..I end up failing's crazy! Funny thing is, that I don't really mind taking another math class. I told myself at the beginning, that taking it slow is better this time. I like learning, and learning from my errors is even better, as well as getting back up on the horse..and riding, riding it all out.

Anway, enough about me...I did start some back to school shopping for clothes-supplies, not yet...I'm excited for a new year, a new grade, tons of new experiences. I hope and pray for the best for Frederick(gr.3) and mackenzie(gr.1). It will be tough for both boys, as these grades can be challenging. I will get to get out more with Noah & Hope....wooooogh..that should be nice..I'm a tad tied down at the moment with 4 away from school...I choose not to go anywhere far with 4. We had/have some last few plans before school starts, like possibly attending our Adoption Agency Lighthouse's reunion in Michigan...I've always wanted to see Michigan, though we are not sure how this will go, because Nascar is being held ???? Dunno.

I wanted to go to the museum with the boys and the that its rained a bit and cooled down...I feel as though we did not do enough this summer;( I guess with the family adjustment and wasn't easy. Even though the boys have clearly bonded to Hope and her to them...I wish I did more with them. Hey its never too late, perhaps its better once school starts, things will be less crowded, more schedules and on track-Anyway, I'm grumpy in the Florida summer heat & so is Hopee;)

P.S. Hopee now says 'Hi' to everyone in sight these She just loves attention, and when we make fun of her crying..she sticks her tongue out at us! It's adorable. I really gotta catch her on video.

speaking of videos:We saw this epsiode on 'America's Funniest Videos' where they were asking children where babies come from...and so we thought of asking our kids to see what they'd say on video...Two of them said babies come from Mommy's tummies, and Noah, said they come from Russia, because that is where Hopee's from! FUNNY! There's a 3 year old for you;) He'll just give it you straight.

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