Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Hope up to these Days???

*She shakes her head No (alot) and nods yes.

*She brings me a diaper for her changes

*She takes off her diaper herself first thing in the am..ugh

*She sticks her butt out when she does poopoo and wants to be changed

*she points a lot

*she claps her hands when she gets her way

*She is starting to bite her nails

*She stills pulls out her pigtails

*She loves shoes (anybody's shoes)

*She notices everything (hair color changes, makeup, new clothes, booboos, etc.

*She still likes to hit!

*She loves to call out to her 'MAMA'

*She's always stalking Dad!

*She's a climber!!

*She recently fell onto rocks..and is sporting a nasty scrape on her eyelid..ouch!

*She's doesn't want to eat much..cause she's teething.

*She wants to sleep in her brothers' room..awwwwwww.

*We often tell her 'NYET' its the only way she gets it..hehe.

Her speech has not picked up much, but she does do a lot of connective-babbling or singing at times she's really wanting to talk, and I have a feeling that once it does come together..there won't be any problems...she's gonna be a talker;)

Also, we have been fortunate to connect with another set of PAP's who also adopted a little Kazak/Kygyz girl from Moscow, her name is 'Ava'..and it has been so much fun getting the girls blessed are we? Hope now gets to grow up with another little girl like her;) Ava also has two older brothers who are just the sweetest....hmmmm who says GOD doesn't plan everything?


Jeanette said...

That is so nice that you met someone in your area for Hope to connect to. Grace is a climber too! As far as her reduced eating, I just read about how once these babes are home for a while, they become pickie eaters because they know the food will always be there. Just a thought. Glad things are going well!

The Megerles said...

Great update...she is doing so well and learning so much...I am very impressed! Go HOPEE!!
I hope you and noah are on the mend soon