Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Okay guys I am now home and have the time to quickkly tell you about our phone call today.

I emailed Lorien, because I did not feel it was necessary to have our FBI results, apostilled anytime soon...but, I wanted to know what she recommended just in case. I quickly began getting ready (a la make up), to take the boys to grandpa's to go fishing (today is Veteran's day=no school)..and so, that is when I got the phone call! I answered not really expecting too much, and I thought perhaps she wanted to just explain to me on the phone, what she wanted me to do, concerning the apostilles. We continued talking about the email, but then she was telling me about getting things done in December, along with our VISAS & HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS! I really didn't catch on to that at first..but then something inside me did..AND SO I WAS IN TEARS!!!!! I have always told myself (as strange as it seems) that I would try not to cry...hahhahahah..but I failed miserably!..and Lorien was just laughing at me!!! OMG..I ran down the stairs and had her tell my husband also..and he had a huge grin on his which I took a picture remember this day...cause it was priceless!

Last night an ESPN Documentary on my uncle had aired on t.v., and the family and I watched, while we were in tears, because of what had happend to him (all over again), and because ESPN had done such a great job of portraying the truth..which gave us hope....for every other passing day, that it may get better and better, until truth finally arrives.

Today though, I received news about a different kind of hope,..MY HOPEE GIRL!

And with these two kinds of HOPES in my life, I have a lot to be thankful for, and have a lot to place in our prayers this CHRISTMAS..and on our tree..we will place very special memories..

Now, GOD willing, we expect to travel in January. Our appointment date with the DOE is January 19, (Noah's 3rd BDAY poor little guy). We have very limited info on her, except that she was matched with our family, and that she will be turning a year old and just coming off of the Russian registry in January, 2010. We do run a small risk of a Russian adopting her first, of course..but we are quite's her older bro's birthday, and we are not going to Russia for nothing, wink*!!!

I am absolutely elated!! I can't tell you that it feels doesn't! My husband will take vacation time to spend it with us, during the holidays & to finish up things around the preparation of our fourth child. Her room is done and soooo sweeet, now that I bought the bedding..its just complete and ever so special to me. This is still just the beginning..and there is so much to look forward to, and I thank God for that hope and opportunity; to be able to look forward to something, so special and close to my heart..for many, many reasons..maybe I will share that one day on here. Everyone's story is truly unique and different, and GOD has HIS own plan for us just keep asking HIM and HE will reveal just what is in store for you, and you will see that it will be at such a perfect time in your life..its EARTHSHAKING really..I can't even find the words to describe the feelings.

I will continue praying for the rest of the PAP's that are all deserve to feel this way too;)

P.S. I have to write this publicly, and I hope she doesn't mind...but you all should know the kind of sweetness that exists around our agency..Chandra, who has brought home a little Russian Beauty already, offered to give me her daughter's snowsuit to bring home Hopee in..I just feel like, this whole adoption experience gets better and better..and just teaches you so much about so many things in life..this thoughtfulness deserves recognition, and will never be forgotten..and it is just so special in my eyes to have this honor! Chandra also wanted me to know, that the idea of this snowsuit is, that we pass it along to the next PAP, when it is their turn to bring home another Angel,..and I will surely do so. So PAP'S, stay tuned..cause you may be receiving the suit next!


Also, THANK YOU -Lighthouse Families (you know who you are)..for being so helpful and supportive;)



Jeanette said...

So happy for you!!!! We may get to meet in Moscow!!! We are expecting our 2nd trip the last 2 weeks of January...hopefully! Good luck with travels arrangements. It's nice you have some time to get things done.

Pollock Family said...

ooohh, I cried all over again reading your post.. Ohh what an Adventure in front of you.. you will have such a good time, be ready for anything and if i can help you somehow, anyhow I would love to... relive this most wonderful experience of my life trough you and you new daughter.. you see I told you that every day goes by ,you are one more day closer to her... and now official you have exact number of days left.. this is how close you are after all only few weeks away... ohh how happy I am for you ... keep us all posted ..

findingourdaughter said...

Yeah!! With the holidays all coming up, January will be here before you know it and you'll be on your way! Your timeline is SO SHORT!!
We are trying to forget about this journey for awhile.....planning an awesome vacation right after Christmas.....gotta move on with life and enjoy it.
Hugs...Happy travel planning!