Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Our travel dates have been changed to DECEMBER 22nd!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I almost fainted, when the Director told me..like the holidays are not hard enough! This year has been an unbelievable load! God Bless 2009,..and only HE knows what's to come in 2010..I'm SCARED! All the things we gotta run around and do...including celebrating..AGAIN!

Hopefully we will hurry and make it home in time for Christmas with our boys...and don't know if Paris will be in the cards for our first trip (this is an expensive month to travel eeeek)...but Hopee gets to have her first presents and first Christmas dress, so that makes the stress all worth it;)

Hallelujah! GOD IS GOOD!


Chris and Celeste said...

Hi, I found your blog a couple of weeks ago. Wow, it seems to be moving along. That is awesome to travel so soon. If you go private I would love to be invited to read your blog. God speed,Celeste

Jeanette said...

You will have the best xmas! Some how things always work out and come together. Enjoy all the craziness!!