Friday, November 6, 2009

4 Months of HEARTACHE...


AND ..I miss him soooo much! We never have enough time with our loved ones..remember that! You just never know who you are going to lose next. Sorry for being so depressing..its just that on this adoption feelings of 'oh another month gone by' isn't mainly that we are without a referral..but more another month without my uncle Arturo..who was pretty much the only father that we had. He was murdered in Brazil..and they are concluding it a suicide. now his wife (who was first arrested for suspician) is after his estate..yesterday she faught in court for $150,000.00 for legal fees. She has taken the baby to Brazil where she is from..and so we may never see the baby again; let alone, ever know what happend to my uncle...only she knows..and refuses to speak to us.

The world is not a pretty place..let alone safe. Sometimes I feel like, this is my only motivation left to adopt..because its what I can do right now for GOD..I don't know if we will want to or be able to adopt more all depends of course on our lifestyle and what the future brings with four children (I think 4 is alot or enough right now)..but only GOD knows our capacity. We are very Blessed with a loving Italian/Spanish family..who welcome children and people with open arms...we just love and eat and cook and laugh a lot..isn't that enough riches for one lifetime? I think so anyway...I am praying that my friends get a referral (even if its before me)..I want you guys to be happy this year..I do not want tragedy to hinder your Christmas' and Holidays this year..I do not want economy issues to affect your happiness this year. I want to end this year with a smile..and only tears of pray okay..because GOD does answer prayers and he's in the business of miracles..just don't let them slip by you.

P.S. If we go to Russia this will be a Blessing in more ways than one..cause I really need a VACATION! WINK*


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