Saturday, November 21, 2009

BUSY...Shopping, Parties & More Adoption Discussions..

I have been away from the computer lately..a very good thing! I have been so so busy, with Thanksgiving coming up, my mother is having surgery (hysterectomy)..and we are also celebrating, my son Mackenzie's Birthday in this month, (he's Dec.2nd) because hubby is going away to N.Y. for business on the first week of December. So, we will hit the zoo on the 27th to make it extra special for Mack. Incredibly busy, incredibly unorganized, incredibly last minute, (just like me)..but what can I do? I have to make them happy..I have to make them all feel special, equally..a lot of change is about to come around..and no matter how much I prepare them..they will still be surprised in many yes..I am spoiling, spoiling them now! My husband does not like this..but were mothers, we just know whats best!

We have Christmas parties to attend this year..and y'know what, with all the spenditures that we anticipate, I walked into a 'thrift store' and found me two of the prettiest dresses you cannot possibly imagine! So that takes care of that!
I walk past precious things for girls all the time..and as tempted as I am to just buy this or that..I don't! I am just not ready yet, I think since there is three boys this Christmas, we will embrace the three boys (yes there are traces/trails that there will soon be a girl), but I will take one thing at a time, and not jump ahead of myself. In January, we will buy what we need for Hope on the first trip, in December, we will place an ornament of her on our tree, because she is in the future and what's to come...but this year we will reminisce (sp?) on our past, and be thankful of our present and we will smile for the future in prayer.

A lot of questions, about our adoption and upcoming travel-plans, are buzzing unusally often these days..and I kind of get annoyed at times, to hear these comments and opinions..and repetitive questions over & over again..(but it is preparing me of the reality of the nosy people) here goes:

1) What/how have you told the boys about their sister being 'adopted':

We have been telling our boys about their baby sister from the very beginning; (just like a pregnancy), they are not able to feel my tummy/sister grow, but they have been through the ups and downs with me, and the paperwork and stress of it all..bottom line, they know their sister was born in Russia, she is without parents and needs a family to care and love her..and because that is what GOD does..he makes families come together, & he makes miracles happen! Hope is a miracle by GOD!

2.) How did you find/choose your agency?

Some people are sincerely interested for themselves..some are just downright nosy or cynical; but I say to them both, we decided on adoption around October/November of last year, and as we began the research, we must have called & interviewed all of them! We did not know which country (we still were considering U.S./Canada)..but as you search you learn (duh)about the realities of adoption, the system, the different countries that have children in need of homes..and so on..eventually as you ask agencies you start to talk the more time went by I started to really get excited, and really feel this option was for us..and so I would ask "time frame for a girl?" "Ages available?" "Health?"....Paper process, our requirements, with medical, phsyical, mental, financial, name it..we asked...when we finally decided on became easier (because we had a country)..all I can tell you is..pray about it, and go with your gut. The moment 'Lorien' answered I think I just knew it was Lighhouse, but then I was afraid because we were really going to do this, and we really needed to makes sure we could..and so Lorien assured us..that anyone can do this, and that it goes in installments..I think also, that any agency that asks for a whole lot of money up front is a no no! GOD led us to Lighthouse!

3.) Did you get a picture of this child?

I love this one..cause then it confirms that we're crazy;) I smile and say NOPE! GOD will lead us to her.


I think this one is understandable, but its still nosy hehe,..I just say we've already paid this much for services, next is the lawyer fees and immigrations fees and hotel & food!

Uhmmm...I can't think of anymore at this point..these are the top annoying questions people have been just asking lately. Also, I think people don't know what to say, and I don't blame them..Freddy & I really do have these dumb grins on our faces 99% of the time lately;)

Also, my son Frederick...was soooo sweet this morning at the breakfast table. He told me.."mommy we don't have to tell Hopee that she's adopted, because then she will feel bad that she wasn't in your tummy like me and Mack & Noah". I thought this was very sweet, and it shows me he has been thinking about it and is very concerned. I told him that we will not broadcast it once she's home..and that he must never throw it in her face, but also, that mommy doesn't want to lie to her. Also, I explained, that her circumstance was very special & unique...and that one day she would be proud.

Sigggghhhhh....its not easy being a mom I tell you..the questions they keep on coming, the wants & desires keep on coming...I thank GOD for the patience, and my very supportive husband, we agree 99.9% on things when it comes to our kids, and that sure does help; (its one less thing to worry about in life), when your walking alongside your partner in the same footsteps;)

I also wanted to add this: (Matthew 6:19-21)

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and

where thieves break in and steal.

20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy,

and where thieves do not break in and steal.

21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

P.S. (not Bible scripture), I think children are worth it, they are the only treasures in this world..probably because they are not of it! So you just tell your nosy neighbors that! When they ask you all those questions! WINK*



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