Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Home!

Well we are home!

All went wonderfully!

We only attended Universal Studios, it was our first time and it was great! We saw Barney for Noah (he loves him for some reason), we went to Lego world in Downtown Disney, and look where we are standing..right in front of St. Basil's..Russia is following us around all over now..I hope this is a glimpse of our future;)

We attended the reunion and that too was a blast! Boys got to swim, and could not have asked for better weather. All the families we met, were amazing, along with their precious Angels. The whole experience only inspired us about our own little girl one day.. I want to thank all the families for being so welcoming and for being so informative..I even look forward to starting the journey with the families who have not brought home a child yet.

Now I pray for my Immigration Ceremony notice to arrive..please help pray for us, the power of prayer is so important and so strong when its more than one;)

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