Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am still alive guys..I am just at a stand still right now. I promised Freddy that we would try all the resources possible to help pay for this adoption. I am constantly filling out forms and applications for loans and grants..and believe it or not, if you look you will find! I am knocking I pray a door opens with one of these applications. We have high optimism..because God is there and God is good.

I cannot really do anything else right now because I must wait for the swearing in (broken record). We are taking in this time to tie some loose ends in other areas of our lives, like our rental property that will probably go for sale in April.
I am being the cautious one now..Freddy has become more passive, and I the worry wart! We had a wonderful time at the birthday party, all our nearest and dearest friends attended (99%), and so it could have not gone any better, but I am pooped and I am very dormant right now. Please, I ask again that you pray for us.

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