Thursday, March 12, 2009

Completed the Homestudy!

Looks like the Homestudy is a done deal, yeahhh!

Our social worker did an excellent job despite Freddy sounding like a genius and I uhmm.. dunno..not as exciting..hehe I am being such a girl I know..why do I gotta suck like that huh? I don't think Russia is going to care that I sound boring..even though I'm NOT! Hey its been a stressful day for me today. I went from Karate classes to Walmart to buy birthday party supplies for Frederick's 7th B Day. I spent like 45 minutes translating spanish to english and vice versa for two friends..then I come back home to get my Homestudy emailed to me, which brought tears practically to me face..and after I got passed interesting Freddy I had to force myself to finish reading boring me..couldn't you atleast add that I'm multilingual? Sheesh my head is spinning..I got knots of pain in my shoulders because of the stress. I really need to lighten up! I atleast got to play outside in my garden today..which felt good, it felt like partial me again. I am starting to get my ideas about what tree I want to buy next and where we will plant it..this is expensive and very I can't afford anymore plant killings or lack of watering. I prayed for my Jacaranda trees to not be dead..and sure enough I saw leaf buds..Praise the Lord!

So how was your Thursday? Out of all the days in the week..I like Thursday least of all..Bahhhumbug!

We are planning a garage sale soon..again..I pray God will be there with us again..because I can't do it alone its very draining. I pray for strength, and for my friend M, who is always very near & dear to my heart.


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