Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ending our Homestudy on Friday

Well today Freddy will do the taxes so we will be up to date. Then I will take this to our social Worker on Friday our last visit, and finish up our Homestudy. All I can do from there is gather up our Homestudy, make copies of it, give it to our Agency, and send it off for grants which can't hurt. You gotta try right?
Then, we have to wait for me to swear in as an American so I can finally petition for an American Passport! Sheesh everything is complicating for me..why is that?

Also before I meet with our Social Worker, I have to make a trip to the Doctor's office (my husband's doctor) because my very reliable one..wasn't so reliable! He's on vacation, (now the secretary tells me). So I am just going to my Husband's doc, and have him check me off...goodness Thank the Lord we are healthy! I am also hoping, that the doc being a D.O. instead of an M.D. is acceptable....ohh the worries. Lord, please release me of these worries.

My social worker is quite the doll; she told me to stop worrying about the I-600a (petition for Orphan as immediate relative), because it won't take as long as I thought (2-3months). So maybe she is right, in the meanwhile we will start our Dossier and preoccupy ourselves with that..right?

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