Thursday, February 5, 2009



Freddy had to go save the day..again. He went to 'DCF' to clarify the confusion; there was a typ-o, with my social..grrrrrr. Hey its all cleared up and thats all that matters. Since then, we got our letter from the Pediatrician (I love that guy he's the best, he happens to be Russian). We completed our Adoption courses, Freddy even did his part. Though Fred's sick that's a bit of a bummer; since, we need to also get our medicals out of the way..oh well all in good time I suppose. We still need to go to Ft Lauderdale Sherriff's dept. for our local backround search...and I am still waiting for the swearing in and passport process as a New American Citizen hooray!!!

I have been putting things aside with the help of friends and relatives; for our upcoming GARAGE SALE on saturday Feb.7th at 7AM! I hope its not too cold! This should be interesting and fun and challenging all at the same time. Fred thinks were nuts!

No one can estimate the will and love of a mother even though I have no idea what Hope is like..I know she's there, and she's mine, waiting for her Mommy!

God has our back and he's our guiding light, because we are so blind on this..he's just leading us and we have no choice but to go full fledged.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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