Monday, February 2, 2009

The Good News & The Bad News..

Well I guess this will be the longest posting yet cause I feel so miserable! The Boys are sick and home from school. I think I am now coming down with it as well. The good news is, we officially signed with Lighthouse Adoptions YEAHHHHHHH!

Now for the bad..;o(

Well our social worker, emailed us saying that five reports came back under our last name for the state police clearance; which is impossible!!
So since we looked so stunned by the news, she now thinks, that there may be some confusion with the last name..(which happens a lot apparently). I know that it could very well be just that, an error. That, I should calm down..but it seems like a smack in the face really! Out of all the things that can go wrong..this just seems so strange and so left field..things start playing around in your mind like..'is your husband really your husband..did you kill someone in your sleep? Okay..bad joke..

I don't know..someone told me today, that it's better we stumble now and fix this (which can be fixed) because its a misunderstanding..rather than something really big, over seas or something...I guess that's a positive way of looking at it..sigh.I can't help but be disappointed for whatever reason and for so many reasons.

Today is a strange day, its the 02/02/09, I made a check out to the agency that was 1222..seems like a day I will remember strangely because of these number coincidences and of course, this incident of bad news!

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Jessi said...

There will be so many little stumbling blocks along the way, and feeling bummed about them is completely natural. You are fulfilling your heart's desire, and God's plan for your life. Knowing that and resting on His good grace will get you through everything that you face. Before you know it, your beautiful baby girl will be home with you forever.