Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orlando's Reunion!

Okay folks, been away for a while had drama!

The homestudy is being on hold currently because of taxes..I want to do our taxes of 2008 because they just are better than '07!

Also, I do not have an American passport yet, and have not attended the swearing in ceremony yet..because I didn't receive anything in the mail! So until I work out that go on I-600a for immigration! Sucks!

Though I truly believe any holts or delays are because of God's time and my little girl's time..she just isn't available yet.

Now, we are leaving to Orlando next weekend 27th-29th. Do not want to go to Disney..but will end up going because that is how life is!

Most importantly, we will get to meet the people of our AGENCY! Lighthouse! How amazing and important is that? We also, will meet the families who have brought home their Russian Angels! SO its a big weekend for us!

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