Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Errands for this week..

Tomorrow Freddy & I will go the doctor's office to get a physical, and to fill out some paper work for the Adoption. I pray this will go smoothly and that we will leave with completed paperwork. Since we have paused the Homestudy; I feel as though we have headed nowhere, my whole life feels on hold right now. I don't want to mope around the house feeling sorry for myself..but that is what I appear to be doing lately. I've been so lonely these days, that I seem to have attracted visitors...MICE! I hear them at night and it freaks me out cause Fred's at work at night. So not only am I dealing with life's pauses..but I am also dealing with mice in this crazy Florida climate of 2009.

I know I need to be patient and positive. We will do the medicals, I will email them to our Social Worker. I will clean the house and begin preparing and packing for Orlando. I will take this Orlando trip and see it as more Adoption Education, which is never a waste of time. I feel embarressed sometimes for having so many questions for our Agency..but I can't help but want to hear assurance, does this make me weak?
We will be going with all three boys and my mother in law Esperanza (Hope in english). This could be very good for our family; time away and time together, embracing this giant step into the future of our growing family.

We will begin to plan another garage sale. I also have these ideas about a dinner and dance at the church banquet hall..maybe a salsa night then a christian get together night all for fundraising for the adoption. I feel strong with these ideas, but I am not ready to go forward until I see this adoption moving a little more. Maybe once I get Immigration papers and send off our Dossier. I will feel more confident.

The Dossier seems so intimidating, and I have some Adoptive Parents who have helped me..I pray for strength in this and the patience, please help me God.

All of your comments have been very up lifting and motivating, please never hesitate with any advice or criticism;)

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