Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Final Days

Well we received our confirmation from our rep Jocelyn, that Faith has tested negative for TB-yeah! And today marks the day, that we took our oath at the U.S. Consulate. We met another cool family from Kentucky,they adopted the beautiful Caroline May, from the Guangdong province-blessings to them! After our oath, we headed back to Shamian Island for squeaky shoes like Carolines'.
For future reference, the squeaky shoes are at 'Jenny's Gift Shop' and they are Christian! She was giving out so many things to our children-the kindness here is so note worthy! After that we ended up walking, all the way to the pearl river cruise and ate buffet style. It was quite impressive but chilly, so faith and I stayed in eating yummy cookies. Daddy and the boys took pictures of all of the pretty lit up bridges and of the Canton Tower-the third largest tower in the world. Tomorrow, we will receive faith's visa to leave the country and we will head out via van to Hong Kong (we're on quite a tour of China). Hopefully, we can catch a flight somewhere into the U.S.A. by Friday.But there are apparantly, some serious weather conditions and a serious number of flight cancellations-which could affect us. With all of our travels thus far, on foot and with five kids in tow through some harsh traffic conditions and side-walks and allies....I have to say, that God has really been watching out for our safety on this trip. It has been such a blessing to be on this trip with our children and journey to our daughter. It has been all so worth the troubles...and at the same time, it really has not been us and/or our abilities. Its been God the whole time. We really do undestand this better than ever now. When we allow the Holy Spirit to operate through us out of obediance or when we align our hearts with His-we can reap His harvest and bear fruit. There were multiple times during this trip where I thought-'what am I doing?' 'Where am I going?' 'How am I going to do this?' or better yet, 'who is it that loves this child I am carrying more than me?' God obviously does love Faith, more than me because He isn't worrying about her special needs as I often do. He isn't staring at her with confusion and with worry as I sometimes do. I thank you and praise you Lord, that you have this figured out more than I do. I am sure God understands Faith better than I do also, because in the last two days she has been blabbing in Chinese and she waits for me to respond with a "ahhhhhhh?" I have since learned some more mandarin too' mostly, 'don't and stop and no' lol....she gets upset and screams back at me. I don't know if its Mandarin that she is speaking though.....but she has been singing too and it's quite adorable. Her eating has picked up but she remains quite picky and she is still terrified of Freddy. So we're even more excited now to pack up around here and head on a path to home.

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Jeanette said...

Love the picture of all the kids! Glad things are moving along smoothly! You'll be home before you know it! Good luck with travel plans!