Monday, January 27, 2014

1st Doctor Visit

Today was our first Doctor's visit.

Our Doctor was quite impressed with Faith's development and attachment to us (so are we;) Faith is small for her age and is in the low percentile for growth.
And of course we had to give blood and poo for the lab. Now we just wait to see what is next for us. So far we know that Faith's Spina Bifida is internal and not external, meaning it was never open. Her little spot is very low on her bum and not on her back and she is walking. She has mild Eczema (hence the scratching). We do not know much about her Spina Bifida at this point-without the MRI and sonogram.

So far her English vocabulary includes:

Don't do that
Dede (Frederick)
Ma (Mackenzie)
Op (Hope)
Yaya (grandma paternal)
Nana (grandma maternal)
I La Hoo for I love you
Good Girl
Bye Bye
Ryder (our dog)
Peekaboo (and covers her eyes) Paith for Faith (she says this often)

Her comprehension is off the charts. She blows kisses and give high fives. She will go and get her shoes and put it on herself. She will clean up her toys. She will climb up and down stairs. She will answer the phones. She's obsessed with the dog cage and climbing in it (eww).

Faith will turn 3 years old in March. But we plan on celebrating her birthday with Hopee this February 15, God willing.


Jeanette said...

Wow!!!! She has a ton of words already! What does her level of spina bifida mean for her? Will she have trouble later on? Just curious :)

LUV2SHOP_KC said...

My niece had severe eczema. She had several food allergies that contributed to it but what finally got rid of it was removing gluten (which she did not test positive as being allergic to) and limiting sugar. Just something to keep in mind.