Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arrived in Guangzhou!

We have arrived in Guangzhou already. Faith did great on her first plane ride and she is still resisting her father. Jeanette, I feel better that you have reassured me that Grace went through the same thing-because I find myself quite worried at times
or="1" >s with Faith and her behavior towards her dad;( Last night she woke up every 2 hours, crying and nothing seemed to comfort her-despite the chronic thumb-sucking habit! It could be her new surroundings, we're in a very differnt hotel room.It is quite beautiful at this Holiday Inn. I must mention that the service and staff here have been so amazing to us. They provided us with a crib and are just so patient with our lack of. I cannot recommend enough that you consider the Holiday Inn for your Chinese travels. We are right in the heart of downtown here and it is very exciting around here and easy to travel around by foot. Everything is at an arms reach.I cannot post up pics just yet because things are still glitchy on this VPN....but I have to say that picture taking, is awesome in Guangdong province-its hard to turn the camera off! I have never felt more like a tourist than I do here in china! The people are a lot busier in Guangzhou but more confident and curious. And there are no mopeds around (sigh of relief) like in Zhengzhou, that had us terrified to death. I also must mention, that China's fashion is by far my favorite. The women are dressed up as dolls here....the style is so femminent-I feel like a slob! We have already bought some souvenirs here for more pictures! I had only bought 2 pairs of shoes in Zhengzhou for Faith; an initial pair to cover up her for her tiny, tiny feet and an authentic handmade, traditional pair of chinese shoes that are so impressive. And we bought Faith's baptismal dress here in Guangzhou. I was also going to buy these adorable pink dresses for the girls, but we were told today-that second wives and conqubines where pink, first wives wear red...hehe...that is why brides wear red dresses on their wedding day. So uhmmm I guess we'll buy red instead? Also, it is tradition to buy 'jade stone' for our children at birth and then again at marriage and a third time when they become mothers? I forgot the third one but I thought that was so neat. But it is also hard to find 'authentic jade' even in China and the prices do I told Fred, we'll need some time to accumulate some money to buy something very special for the girls, on their wedding day. We have been managing our way around quite fine-and people are very friendly here and always willing to help. When we walk down the streets people count our children and giggle. They ask, "are all these kids yours?" And they hold up the palms of their hands and point to five fingers. It is a reminder I guess, that big families are not common in China because of the one child policy. At the same time, I wonder if it is painful to them? Alot of times they kind of gesture, lots of children-so expensive? Mackenzie is a show stopper here and people request to take his picture. I hope this doesn't go to his head! My husband is also grabbingg attention of the ladies and I hope this doesn't go to his head either...or he will end up buying me jade on this trip! Almost everyone lives in apartments in the city and living space is an issue. The cost of living is also high, and the penalty of having another child would be a very high price to pay. Our guide Jocelyn, says that a fine in Guangzhou, would cost around $50,000.00-more than most people's annual salary...even in the U.S.A. that would be a hefty price to pay. We visited some arts & crafts shops and the Qing Dynasty temple and an older Buddhist temple where we observed many people praying and burning incense with their offerings. It was very educational I am sure for our children to see, as they had many questions for us. Again, I am so happy we brought our children along. Its hard to believe that we are already half way through our journey. Tomorrow is Faith's medical exam...and I doubt she will be thrilled about it.

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Jeanette said...

So glad you posted! I've been checking multiple times a day :) Sorry to hear Faith is still so sad and scared. She is older than Hope and Grace were so she is more aware that her world was turned upside down. We can talk when you get home and I can share what helped Grace accept her daddy more.
Looking forward to seeing pictures!!!! Good luck and hang in there!