Friday, July 1, 2011

We're still around...

Kids are running around wild this is crazy with 4!

Hope is fabulous as usual and I really have to show the great snaps we have of her in blacknwhites...she is so gorgeous!
(I shouldn't be saying this about my own daughter-but hey, I can't helpt it!)

She is now trying to form phrases with us, and she even speaks spanish and understands well. She is taking out all her clothes these days and wanting to put all of it on and every shoe as well....she loves dress up and make up. She loves to massage daddy's back and feet..eyyyy...

She is always quite occupied with her brothers who spoil her rotten.

Her preferences in food have changed slightly, I catch her feeding the dog! She is not crazy about certain meats...she does love her eggs and fruits and veggies and tuna.

She lets me do her hair now and is very patient and proud once I am done. She always says 'Thank You'..which melts my heart everytime. Just a special little baby doll!

I thank God all the time for my kids, I know I am truly fortunate to have such a bunch, who are healthy and loving.

I hope everyone's summer is going great-the boys will start flag football in 2 weeks...Hope will probably start gymnastics in the fall with Noah.

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