Wednesday, July 27, 2011


EEEEEEEEEEK! Well Hope finally fell the bed! I heard her cry after a nap (she usually wakes up grumpy) and with the kind of cry she let out this time I knew she had fallen...when I finally turned her around to take a look I was horrified to see a swollen purple/blue cheek...I was so scared that I took her to ER. Hope is a tough one, but she was hurt..we arrived att he ER at 5:30 pm and waited till midnight to be told that her mandible was fractured and that she needed surgery...I was shocked and so upset with myself and the staff that they had taken so long to explain this to us. It gets worse-they don't have the specialist there and we need to be transported to another hospital...we get transported and by this time we are all soooooooo tired...when we reach the other hospital, the specialist takes yet another CT scan of Hope (this is her 3rd CT scan and x ray later) they quickly tell us..that Hope has no fracture! What is going on? I know I prayed hard for Hope so that she wouldn't need surgery..and I was soo relieved! I could have stayed 2 days...if the outcome was going to be positive.

As for the other hospital and its craziness,...I have nothing too positive to say ( I was considering working there once..but not anymore!)

Sigghhhh..I figure I post this since this has been the biggest scare so far in Hope's life thus far. Praise GOD!

P.S. I can't wait till school starts..I am going out of my mind each day with every crazy thing that has happend over the summer! HeHe..I'm such a complainer!

She is fine today...she's just black & blue now...still climbing and jumping around..

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Laura Jones said...

Hi There!
Just read this...oh my. I hope that she's okay now. Logan fell out of bed about a month ago, but I have really soft carpet and he didn't even wake up!

I hope that you're all doing well. We're enjoying the summer and Logan's enrolled in soccer (makes me run with him!). He's growing so fast. Last night when I told him it was time for bed his reply was 'no thank you'. They are so funny sometimes!

Take care!