Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More things to do..while we wait

Well I contacted the FBI office in Virginia, expressing my concern as to why it was taking so long for our prints to be returned. They finally responded apologetically, and sayed we'd have them by this weekend, HOOORAY! Hmmmm..a little asking doesn't hurt I guess.

Also, since I have declared myself as a 'crazy impatient person' I am going to start on Hope's life book...which should keep my quite occupied. I am not very good at scrapbooking and stuff..but I am going to try my best and keep it simple but thorough.

Any ideas as to how or when you guys started yours, for your adopted children?

I guess that is it for this post. It's been a quiet fall so far in the adoption world of doesn't worry me, but I do wonder what is to happen this winter, and if I should just remain laid back about it and carry on as normal...or do I put off vacationing plans or Disney plans? I feel so pathetic, there are families who have waited soooooooooooooo much longer and are sooooo coooooool about things..and here I am pouting after only a few months...hehe spoiled me!

Well that's IA for you;)

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