Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Uncle's Tragic Death!

Arturo Gatti was murdered by his wife in Brazil!

He was my uncle, my brother, my father & my friend. We are going to miss him sooooo much. God had to take him away young. I know he is better off with you just hurts so much!

I do not know what to do in life anymore?

I do not know where I am going?

My whole week has been a NIGHTMARE!

I guess God was preparing me for TRAGEDY!

My mother's wedding was a FUNERAL!

He left behind a son, that my family will fight for...



lynn ortis said...

I am praying for you. I dont understand why God lets it get so dark but he does and he is your plumb line. When it is the darkest is when it seems the light is about to break in!!!Hold on!!!

alice said...

my mother was murdered 15yrs. ago. i'm so sorry. it doesn't make sense :(