Friday, July 10, 2009

Day from Hell!

You want to hear a joke or you want to hear about my AWFUL DAY?

I am seriously having the week from Hell...I already explained about the annoying USCIS situation, but we overcame that and sent all the papers and then some to USCIS. Well, soon after I started having issues with my tenants with our other property. They wanted to purchase the house, and thought how great, just in the nick of time, we will go To Russia without these 'renter problems' and will just own one home, with little debt and raise four kids etc.

WRONG! (buzzzzzzzerrrrr noise here)!
well, instead my tenants want to drop the rent and not buy the house, because we had a leak from some hard rain, and now they are claiming mold and health issues (greeaaaaat;), my husband made a claim to the insurance, he then got the leak repaired, but they now want to leave anyway and not pay for the month of July or August. The mortgage on that house is more than the one on our primary residence (go figure). So were in serious trouble!
We will put the house on the market and sell it at market value (but we don't know how long that will take)...sigh..which is the risk we are taking.

On top of that situation which has ruled over 4 days as you know was our fingerprint appointment (something positive & exciting right)...wrong ;o(
Freddy was so flustered about his day at the rental property that he FORGOT about the Biometric appointment...and so he was running late and then we got lost looking for the building..and didn't makit it in TIME! So we never got our fingerprints done! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
It is like a week from HELL! I have been hysterical. What if we can't complete this now?

The best was, when I got home I found yet another grant letter of refusal, for the that was really gonna hurt right?

What if I can't complete this anymore?


Anonymous said...

I think when things are the hardest they are the most important to do. Keep pushing through!!!
Lynn O I am praying for you!!!

findingourdaughter said...

Oh, honey! Don't let the enemy win his battle in you.....believe me, this week has been a struggle between me and the enemy as well--very different reasons, but still a battle that I have to pray about and have faith.
I will pray for you and the house situation.....and I wish I could give you a big hug IRL.....but know I am sending a cyber one.

AMIT said...

Sometimes we have hard times we just have to pass by that time any how.

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