Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back from Orlando!

Well, here is the deal-We went to Orlando mainly for the Lighthouse Reunion. We did not want to make this a Disney trip this time...although we should have, cause we spent a lot of money anyway! But it was fun, we splurged at the restaurants;)

The Reunion was super cool! Though, not many families could come;( Weather, costs, timing..I guess. It was kinda sweet though, because we were a small group there was a lot of intimate chat;) Hope, though was naughty! I wanted her on her best behavior...and she cried the whole time! She was super happy swimming with daddy-but outside of the pool-yikes! I've never see her carry on such a drama! I guess she was was a hot day luckily. I have limited photos, because of the lack of cooperation on Hope's part. As you can see Lorien (Lighthouse's director) is a very warm person, with four children of her own (super-beautiful children if I may add). Hope did not want to be held by her (I was embarressed). Luckily Lorien was understanding. The few familes that were there were awesome! We even met a family who just met their child in Russia, but has not brought him home yet-it was cool meeting them and just remembering how it felt to be in their shoes! Crazy how life is! Once upon a time, Freddy & I went to the Lighthouse Reunion to meet Lorien in person....and were lucky to meet her and the Lighthouse families with their Russian children. Now we are an IA family, talking to pre IA families ha! We IA familes, sure love to talk/share about our experience(s) with others, and we're probably addicted to blogs and more adoption stories to come. All, so so cool really. God is grand in all his ways and plans for us. Hope cannot be anymore like me than she already is! She's so real, and so mine! I was proud of her despite her naughtiness. We hope to attend, the big Reunion in Michigan, this August God willing. Lighthouse, isn't one of the 'big boy agencies', but they sure work hard, and they do care and love what they do, thus, giving 'big boy results' with the child you are blessed to take home. After you do bring home your child with LH, you are forever part of their family it seems;)

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