Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Turkey Turkey was a Blast!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as blessed as ours was. We had two! Hope had so much fun..I gotta post the pics of our sweet girl, who is just growing like a weed! As we leave November and enter into the month of December, we can only just be left in disbelief that it was a year ago that we had received the phone call on a little girl in Russia who was nearing a year and needing a family! Our little Hope Isabel! No name, no photo, no info...just waiting on God's plans for her...God's plan for us and our family. To be given such a gift of love, and innocence..she is just a joy to us and our boys. She loves animals, and now her dolls, her hair and her shoes...she loves affection..and she is sooo attached to all just feels so natural with my daughter. Hope just did a potty yesterday on thanksgiving evening..she was a little confused but thrilled with our claps and cheers..lets see how she does today. I haven't been pushing it, but she keeps making these grimaces when she gets wet or wants nothing to do with wearing a diaper, so I figure it only makes sense to try and rid of it. Hope will turn two in January (God willing), and I can't believe she's only two! She is a five year old in a toddler's body. Her maturity is so amazing! She tries to feed her baby cousin, and pick him up..she tries to feed the kitty outside and gives her what a child! Lord you are too good to us, this child is a dream! Everything she wears she is just stunning..hehe (parent's brag). She is always defending her bros too...only she can get mad at them not us!

I can't remember if I had posted this or not-but Hope dislocated her arm a few weeks ago..while we were in a dept. store;( we all freaked out by the way she was crying..we rushed her to the E.R. and they had to snap her arm back in place! Yeeoowch!I think we screamed louder than was quite an experience...its hard to keep Hope sitting in one place-she's very active and curious, and she can now open any door in the house (except the ones with locks)..she also is determined and will not give up until she gets what she wants! my kind of husband says-she's just like her mother!! HEHE.

Anyway, I gotta post more pics!!

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