Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh so-November is here....huh?

Wow! Is this year going fast....yes we are having fun, but we are soooo busy, and busy and busy. Why do we get this way? Why do we do this to ourselves? I feel so guilty taking on projects when I can't even get the house clean. I swear I will not hire someone to clean until I am working...but I better clean too...sooon!

I will need to take a lot of pictures this Thanksgiving.

I am getting some shopping in for the cooler weather...its almost so confusing shopping for a girl and boys...I get dizzy, and actually cannot focus at but I am loving it;)

Hope is repeating everything like: "Peekaboo, Iseeyouuuu"
"hot" "stop" "ow" "MAAAAAAHHHHH" "DADA" "poopoo"
"Peepee" "ouuuahhhh"(Noah)

She likes to play with my hair with a comb (ouch) and she lieks to tickle feet.
She loves her tricycle, and loves to run around and play tag. She isn't fond of staying in the strollerrrr arghhhh. She likes getting dressed up and now let's me do her hair. She walks around and never leaves without her purse;)

I can go on forever about her..but I'll just get the pictures and outfits togther for our baby girl and baby boys;) I am so proud of them, all of them-they are darlings of our hearts, and they light up our days. At times I feel guilty for starting school and taking away from them...but eventually it will be only to better them. I want Hope in ballet and gymnastics, and the boys to continue pursuing sports and activities...and non of these are cheap anymore. God will provide anyhow.

He gave me an awesome family and love.

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Chris and Celeste said...

love the new look of your blog. Glad to see she is doing well. Happy Thanksgiving.