Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Was A BLAST!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I hate even saying that line..cause I sound like all of you guys! HE HE;)

Well I just celebrated my Birthday, so I am a year older..I feel it..cause this last year was so STRESSSSSFUL! Though all is in the past..and I am ready for living. Hope is up and about walking! She still drives me crazy with her tantrums..but I know its only cause she loves me;) She has MOMMY-ITIS! She clips herself onto the back of my pants and follows me everywhere..even hiding from Daddy. I hope this doesn't last long, but I am holding onto these moments anyhow. She is doing great over all! We just completed some blood work, and she is passing with FLYING COLORS! Such a relief;) We have a bone scan (CT scan) on the 12th...and more vaccines on the 30th along..with some ear peircing (hopefully). She is a tough cookie through & through...her sleeping is better, although she remains a light sleeper..and as soon as she is over tired, you know! She's a screamer! Yep...and dramatic!

We just adore her! As naughty as she is..its all part of her charm. Everyone agrees its as if she's always been. She now waves 'Hi',gives Five, and kisses on the lips..ouuhhh..what a lil lover girl..especially with her mommy;)

I've been really bad about taking pics of her though! I am so disapointed in myself for this..the truth of teh matter is..I'm still exhausted! I think with school back on..it might help some...but its been tough! She is building up confidence..but she still needs time to adjust. She still is not fond of water, and is teething heavily. She now loves the dog, and uses Rexy as a method of balance...her intelligence continues to amaze us!

I hope you have all been well, and that your Easter was great...I know I need to post some comments on your blogs..I miss you guys a bunch!




Chris and Celeste said...

I have been checking in every day hoping to hear news on Hope. Beautiful pics. Love the family picture. A friend of mine who adopted a little girl from China said she couldn't leave the room without her little one screaming and wanting to be with her. It took a few months but it gets better. Thanks for the update.

Laura Jones said...

Hope looks soooo happy! I'm so glad that she is healthy and fitting into your wonderful family.

As I sit here and pack (and wrap all those gifts!!), I keep thinking that both TJ and Hope have been really lucky to be blessed with having a family at so young of an age and to have been cared for as they were.

My thoughts are with you and I'll be thinking of you from Russia this week!