Saturday, June 15, 2013

Biometric appointment received!

The good news is that our Biometric appointment was just received-woohooo! The bad news is that the appointment, isn't until July 3rd! I hope we can go ahead of time! And we just sent our dossier to CCAI-Fl for critical review...ayayayay. We also managed to capture enough shots of the family for China and we got family time-yeah. This coming week is Vacation Bible School and so the children are excited to be reunited with friends this summer. Our pool is getting great use, the kids are literally in there every morning after breakfast, I am not ready for the pool yet..I am still recovering from a bad sunburn;( We are still praying for our friends' referral and we have officially begun our adult community group on Tuesdays-which has been AMAZING! This week we are walking 5 days with God in prayer using Stormie Omartian's 'Power of a Praying Woman' work book. I had to send our dossier away, so that I can be focused on God because it was becoming obsessive. Everyday I was thinking what else am I missing for the dossier? Hopefully, it all goes well and it can be sent already! CCAI just informed us that the CCCWA has a new computer system that logs us in and has a set date for our dossiers to come in, after that we get one 90 day extension and then that's it...we may lose our referral if we exceed that....ayyyyy. I am not worried really, because we're ready to go...unless immigration takes dreadfully long, we should be ok our dead line is October. I was hoping to be in China by October-sigh! Well I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer...please send in your summer ideas and I am running out of them.

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