Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mommy-"Hope did you do poopoo in your diaper again?" Hope-"NYET!" LOL! Hilarious! She's never used that word before to say no...what a wisecracker girl we have! (we do continue to say certain words to her in Russian, french, italian, spanish) So she says some other foreign words also. When we ask her to do something and she's too entertained...she acknowledges us by saying "BL LA BLA".....boy has she picked up! I have not posted much lately...cause I am finishing up another semester and its hard studying with Hope, she demands a lot of attention (as girls do)..but she is just a delight! A show stealer.... We have found out that: Hope plays well with others and loves the company of other girls Hope is oh soooo kind! She wants to share her food with everyone...awww Hope says 'Mama' now instead of 'Mah'...she says Mama like 10times a minute.....ughhhhhh Hope is very persistant and knows what she wants! Hope likes movies and calls them 'moo moos' Hope drags mommy all over the house to get what she wants....eeeeek.. Hope loves the dog park, and loves animals of all sorts... Hope will probably be a great gymnast cause she climbs everything and isn't afraid of falling Hope loves clothes and shoes!! WOOHOOO... Hope loves her brothers and now has names for them...Frederick is 'Fra Fra' Noah is 'OWA' and Mackenzie is 'Z' Hope now plays with her dolls Hope loves her baths! Feww.. Hope loves to put on makeup with mommy... Hope tries to ride on the dog.....hmmm..oh ya...Hope colors all over the walls..alot!

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Jeanette said...

Hope sounds a lot like Grace! Strong little ladies! I'm sure she is keeping all of you on your toes :)