Saturday, March 5, 2011

She's a climber...

My daughter is so daring! Hope is constantly climbing things...I've had to pick up so many shattered vases, picture frames, plates etc. Because of her stubborn ways. She doesn't listen very matter what her consequences have been (time out, sitting in a corner, put to bed). She is fearless...which reminds me a lot of my eldest son Frederick (the hardest one out of the bunch, thus far). She does these crazy things that are so dangerous! I am waiting to come home and find her on the rooftop! She now slides upside down and backwards on the slide, she rock climbs up the tree house, and spins herself in circles on the swings....I am so fearful at times with this little toddler girl! Hope this doesn't last long and is just a phase, she's going through..sigh. Her father is like this also...she's gonna be the only one who will want to 'bungy-jump' with him..(I'd never let her..hehe).


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amy and kevin said...

Hope is looking so cute & grown up in her recent pictures! I just love those Daddy/daughter relationships - priceless. :)

Sounds like Hope is really strong - that is great, although not for your vases & picture frames! I am nervous for Clara to get to that climbing phase.