Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy October!

Soooo have not posted in a while...hmmm wonder why with 4 kids flying in every which direction;)

A little update on the Hopee girl-She likes Sesame Street and gets a little more distracted these days (weewwwww).

She understands everything we say...and even giggles when she is purposely ignoring us;)

She is getting so tall! Can't believe she isn't even 2 yet!

She loooooves her daddy....and follows him everythwere he goes.

If I get mad at Noah, she is always there to yell at me back and hug Noah..awwww

She loves animals! She calls out to our outside cat...'Poo Poo'...its adorable!

She still is quite clingy to Mama..and misses us so, when we leave her with grandma.

Bathing is still not her favorite.

She loves her tricycle.

Well, October is almost gone...this year has been sooo exciting with a lot of firsts for Hope-guess that is why we haven't been able to stop and post...its been even too fast for pics at times. Hope tried her first pony ride and screaaaamed! I got scared my first pony ride too-but she was just shaking all over...hmmmm guess her Kazak/Kyrg genes haven't kicked in yet?

Anyhoo, here are a few photos. Hope your season is jamming;)

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Chandra said...

LOVE that first photo of Hope. So adorable!